Sometimes a tree tells you more than can be read in books.

Carl Jung

A tree is a manifestation of nature. When you hike in the woods, its the trees that provide that calm meditative hum that allows you to reconnect with an authentic feeling that is life.

I’m always fascinated in life when I am able to make a sudden connection between two seemingly distant information.

Long ago, in our biology class, we were learning about the vascular tissues of plants, i.e.transport-xylemphloem-final conducting tissues that are responsible for carrying nutrients. Basically you have two types of conducting tissues – xylem and phloem. Xylem is responsible for carrying water and nutrients soluble in it from the roots upwards. Phloem on the other hand transports nutrients created by photosynthesis from the green parts of a plant (foliage) to the other ones. This creates two currents in the tree – transpirational (xylem) and assimilational (phloem).

Eastern mysticism tells us thatreechakrast we also have energetic currents in our body. The central energetic canal is the shushumna and it comprises two intertwined currents – the Ida and
Pingala, the currents of the Moon and The Sun.  The current of the moon draws energy from the earth and brings it upwards in the body, the current of the Sun draws energy from the Heavens and brings it down to the body. As these two currents mix and intertwine, energetic vortices called chakras are created.

Thus, sometimes a tree tells you more than can be read in books.


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