This blog stands here to offer me a chance to distance myself from the world a bit and decompress by the means of writing. Yep, just writing. No actual topics or themes specified. Sometimes it might be an anecdote, sometimes just a thing I observe, maybe a poem here and there, an interpretation, some fiction even, or a travel journal. Who knows? Basically I’ll just process anything and everything that the world throws at me through creating a continuous, yet slightly erratic rhythm on the keyboard with my fingers (which is a bit like a chaotic rainfall) that you would hopefully then be able to decipher by the means of whatever-screen-you-are-using.

Communication is important to me and I appreciate every and any of your comments. Even the hateful ones if you’re into that. Just don’t overdo it. Also spams. It’s scientifically proven that spams create spasms, so I delete them.

Please feel welcome. (Imagine you’re served some fresh tea with biscuits for dunking.)

Yours always




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